• Wednesday , 3 June 2020

Choosing the Best Flash Modifier

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There’s infinite possibilities when it comes to photo lighting. Worry not, here’s a show-and-tell guide for many of the most popular flash modifiers.

In this lighting modifier roundup video from David Flores for B&H Photo, many of the best products you can buy for your flash are showcased making it easy to find the type of look that fits your style of photography. Whether it’s a basic step up from a bare flash or something a little more creative, Flores has photo examples of them all.

The first step in getting away from the harsh lighting of a bare flash can be as easy as turning the flash head and bouncing off a nearby wall. This isn’t always possible, however, and to get softer lighting a basic bounce dome modifier may come in handy. On the creative side of things, adding color gels or even a snoot modifier can bring interesting looks to a photoshoot.

Check out the video above for plenty of example images using a number of different flash modifier options on the market.

What are your favorite flash modifiers to use? Leave a comment and example below.

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