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Color Grading Video in Photoshop in 14 Minutes

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Have you ever color graded your videos in Photoshop? Although Adobe’s video editing software or Final Cut X is mostly preferred by video editors, some good results can still be achieved by using Photoshop’s video editing feature. Aaron Nace of Phlearn explains these techniques in this 14-minute video.

For those who are familiar with the layer system in Photoshop, editing videos might be easier than we thought. You can simply apply adjustment layers such as curves, hue-saturation, gradient maps, and black and white on your video just like using on your photos. The main advantage of using Photoshop as your color grading suite is that you can use different blending modes to achieve different results, and also you can use blend-if mode for fine-tuning the effect of your adjustment layer.

If you are a photographer who wants to shoot video but abstain from all the hassle of learning new software for video post-processing, Photoshop video editing and color grading may be the savior, especially in the beginning of the learning process. It is not as powerful as other video-specific software for sure, but if you are used to use adjustment layers in your photo editing workflow, then this might be piece of cake for you.

If you’ve ever used Photoshop for color toning your videos, please share your tips and comments in the section below.

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