Combine External Javascript and CSS Using W3 Total Cache Minify

In this video we’ll cover how to combine external Javascript and CSS using W3 Total Cache Minify settings.

Have you used GTmetrix to test out your site speed? Is your YSlow score giving you fits because you need to make fewer HTTP Requests?

The reason you are getting the message to make fewer HTTP requests, is because you have multiple JavaScript and CSS files. If you can figure out how to combine external JavaScript or CSS files, the end result will be fewer HTTP requests and a quicker loading site.

We’ll fix that in today’s video, by showing you how to leverage W3 Total Cache and its minify settings. Minify is nothing more then a fancy word to shrink the size of the file. However W3 Total Cache Minify settings will also let you combine your external JavaScript and CSS files.

Stick with me on this, as I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to both minify and combine JavaScript and CSS using W3 Total Cache.

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