Contemporary Bridal Portraits – Photography Video Tutorial from

In this photography video tutorial from, we join master photographer Rick Ferro in creating contemporary bridal portraits.

Watch as Rick shows us how he creates his award winning images using very simple easy to duplicate lighting set-ups.

All of the portraits created in this video were made with the latest in continuous lighting, the Wescotte Spyder lights.

In the first set up Rick walks you through creating traditional bridal portraits. Then moves to a traditional 3/4 length bridal and cover proper lighting and hand posing.

In the next session watch as Rick creates romantic bridal portraits using a very simple lighting set-up. Theses romantic portraits can be created in the studio or can be easily created in the brides home.

In the next session watch and learn as Rick demonstrates how he creates his high fashion bridal portraits with only one light.

In the next scenario Rick creates much more dramatic bridal portraits with a simple one light set-up. Then modifiers the set slightly and demonstrates lighting and posing techniques for perfect profile portraits

Topics Include:

• Traditional Bridal Portraits
• Posing the Bride
• Fashion Bridals Using One Light
• Perfect Profile Portraits
• Dramatic Lighting Techniques
• Romantic Portraits

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