Dear Photograph: Time Travel in a Picture

Photographer Taylor Jones discovers unique way to recreate photo memories. For more, click here:

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  1. A truly heart warming story "Dear Photograph"….when l was a kid l used to think l could go back to the time in a photograph…by merely taking it to bed with me….l slept perchance to dream of my greatest fallen hero…my grandfather…whom l still dream about today fifty six years later

  2. Very emotional video. I will admit that it became impossible to hold the tears. A picture captures more than a moment in time. It also captures a piece of your heart and your soul that will never ever be duplicated. No matter how many pictures of my late Son I see, it will never bring him back. To whoever reads this comment, please treasure every second, every moment, it might be the last. I would give up eternity to tell my Son, I love you, just one more time. R.I.P. Jorge Andrés wherever you are. My love for you resonates throughout eternity.

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