Did B&H Just Leak New Apple Products?


Everyone’s favorite camera store, B&H in NYC, has built placeholder product pages for Apple products that are supposed to be announced tomorrow. Is this actually a leak or are they simply preparing for any products to be announced? 

Tomorrow, June 6th, Apple is hosting the live event WWDC at 10amPST. This developer conference was certainly going to focus on software updates but everyone was hoping hardware might also be included. B&H has created more hype around potential hardware announcements because 9to5Mac is reporting that they have created placeholder pages for both an “M2 Mac Mini” and a seemingly all-new “Mac Mini Tower” which could be an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, but is this actually reliable proof? 

Apple rarely shares early product information with sellers for this very reason. A web tech at B&H may simply be building pages that will be updated with actual product info if any are announced, and the titles used could be made up place holders. But if they are made up, where did “Mac Mini Tower” come from? That certainly sounds unique enough to be a new product name, but it’s also unlikely Apple would actually abandon the “Mac Pro” name.

We will know for sure tomorrow when WWDC goes live. 


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