Do You Need a Full Frame Camera for Landscape Photography?


Full frame is generally considered the standard professional sensor size of choice, with some landscape photographers even now opting for medium format, particularly with the recent reinvention of the format. But of course, the bigger the sensor, the bigger the camera, the heavier the lenses, and the more expensive the kit. So, does a landscape photographer really need full frame? 

Coming to you from Henry Turner, this interesting video compares his experience using the full frame Nikon Z 7 to the Nikon D7200. As Turner points out, absolutely, all other things equal, you can expect better image quality from a full frame sensor, but, at least for a landscape photographer, a lot of the other features that also come with more expensive cameras are somewhat akin to creature comforts for a landscape photographer. And given the remarkable advances in sensor technology, cameras with APS-C sensors can produce impressively high-quality files. A lot of top landscape photographers produce such work with APS-C cameras; our own Elia Locardi has used Fuji’s X Series cameras for a lot of his work. And of course, an APS-C camera often means lower prices and lighter weights — a fantastic benefit when hiking long distances with your gear. Check out the video above for Turner’s full thoughts. 


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