Drone Explodes in Alligator's Mouth After It Snatches It Out of the Sky

In the latest installment of social media “influencers” ruining everything, an alligator was likely severely harmed after a TikTok influencer harassed it with a drone to the point that the animal literally jumped out of the water to snatch the device, causing the drone’s battery to explode in its mouth. 

First found by PetaPixel, the video shows a TikTok influencer, Dev H Langer, harassing the animal in the Florida Everglades by flying a DJI Spark just a few feet above it. Unsurprisingly, a wild animal does not respond well to a strange object buzzing over its head, as shown when the alligator leaps out of the water, grabbing the drone and biting it, causing its battery to explode in a cloud of white smoke. A lithium-ion battery fire releases both high levels of heat and poisonous gas, and there is a good chance that the animal suffered burns from the incident if not a worse fate. 

It’s also worth noting that harming or killing an alligator is a third-degree felony in Florida, though Langer seems unrepentant, writing in the comments: “1) this is outside national park 2) this is on a tour 3) I’m clearly filming the drone and flying the drone 4) accidental 5) direct your anger at alligator farms.” 

No word yet on if Langer will face legal consequences for her actions. 

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