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Easy JavaScript – How to Debug your JavaScript code (16)

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Welcome to the sixteenth Easy JavaScript Tutorial, Beginner JavaScript Tutorial, part of Easy Programming! In his tutorial, we’re going to talk about debugging your code.

Debugging your code has to do with finding a bug which causes your script to run in an unexpected way (or not run at all), and fix it. The point of debugging should also be to find out WHY a bug exists in the first place because if you can understand why something has happened, you can prevent it in the future.

This tutorial doesn’t use JSFiddle, please head over to http://www.EasyProgramming.net/javascript/js_debug_code.php to look at the debugging.html page.

For more information, please visit http://www.EasyProgramming.net to view my other programming tutorials! Find videos of C++ tutorials, Excel tutorials, and JavaScript Tutorials.

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