Editing Color Using an Area of Lightroom Often Ignored

There are a number of ways to get creative with color in Lightroom. I just learned a new one and have a feeling you might too.

Many of us spend most of our time editing the way we are comfortable. Sometimes, there is a simple tip that can change that. Above, the YouTube channel Signature Edits delivers a great video showcasing a color editing technique that is a bit off the radar.

The trick all lies in a panel we might not think of. The calibration panel is all the way on the bottom, and I’ll be honest, I had never even looked at it before today. The power it shows in the edits in the video make me a believer. All of the images in the tutorial were improved in some interesting ways.

Do you explore your editing software? I thought I did, but I am always amazed by the new and creative ways people work with their images. I would usually go for split toning as a way to add different color casts to a photo. This will give me a whole new bag of tricks to tweak the look and feel of a photo. I hope it helps you out too.

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