Filmmaking Is Hard. Are You Up for It?

For a lot of people who aren’t in the film industry, it might see like filmmaking is all kinds of fun and glamour. Peer just a little bit behind the curtain, though, and you’ll realize just how complex and stressful that life can be.

Okay, so the video’s title suggests that those watching it are already in the industry, but it’s still well worth a watch for someone who’s thinking of getting into filmmaking or just interested in general. Featuring two of my favorite channels in one video, Ted Sim from Indy Mogul sits down with the legend that is Ryan Connolly from Film Riot. It’s equal parts a lesson on the industry’s pull and push effect on filmmakers’ energy levels, a warning to those thinking of going down the path towards the silver screen, and a co-written love letter to the industry that has brought so much joy to two friends.

I’ve never been involved in filmmaking. It’s something I think about doing all the time, but each time I get close to making a decision, something pulls me back again. Maybe it’s where I live, and I’m just not acquainted with people like Sim and Connolly, but when it comes down to it, if I really wanted to do it, I would figure something out, make something on my own, etc. It’s people like these, though, whose passion is truly infectious, that inspire up and coming creators. They share so much of their hard-earned knowledge that’s it’s difficult for anyone to make excuses.

For those of your who are either thinking of quitting filmmaking or are curious as to whether it’s a good fit for you, Sim poses five questions that every filmmaker should ask themselves — another illuminating peek behind the curtain for those of us not familiar with the reality of it.

Are any of our readers thinking about entering the film world? Are any exiting? Let us know in the comments.  

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