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Five Tips to Improve Your Golden Hour Photos

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Golden hour is the holy grail of times for photographers of almost all genres; whether you’re taking a landscape in Iceland or a fitness portrait, early and late sun is the most flattering. However, it can also be the most challenging.

Taking portraits at sunset of a model in a great location is just about me at my happiest. I know when I’m enjoying my work because time, food, obligations, money — everything — fades in to the background. I know I’m not alone in this. Landscape photographers, for instance, will travel for hundreds, if not thousands of miles, hoping to capture a location at its best, and the golden hours that bookend the day are the best chance of that.

In this video by a relatively small YouTuber (subscribe to him if you like this video; it motivates talented folk to produce more content knowing there’s an audience) Daniel Sanchez, he goes over 5 tips for shooting at these mythical times of the day. The video got me thinking how I would advise photographers to shoot during sunset, and it’s hard not to tread on these 5 tips. One approach I found success with, however, is using a large golden reflector as a fill light. One of the key elements of golden hour is contrast, do don’t bring the reflector too close to the subject as it acts as a light source, but it’s great if you just want to capture a little more detail and avoid full silhouette.

What tips do you have for new photographers shooting at golden hour?

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