Flickr to Protect All Public Licensed Photos, Introduces 'In Memorium' Account Status


A few days after the news that Flickr is rolling out a new login that forgoes the Yahoo account requirement, the company now shares two more updates to the photo sharing platform.

The first announcement involves the changes that will be coming to free Flickr accounts on March 12. On that day, free accounts will begin to be limited to 1,000 uploads, with any items over that number being deleted starting with the oldest works. Later, Flickr clarified that Creative Commons and public domain works as of November 1, 2018 would be spared from any deletion. Today’s announcement once again tacks on more to the story, and the service now says it will spare any free, public licensed works regardless of upload date for all community members.

Flickr quickly made mention that they have disabled the bulk license change tools for free accounts so that members would not flip everything in their photostream to a public license in an effort to save their images, but “without first understanding the significant implications” of doing this. Licenses can still be changed one at a time on the photo page for free accounts.

The second announcement regards deceased Flickr members and what happens to their accounts now that their uploads risk deletion. To counter this, the site will enable “in memorium” status to these identified accounts which will preserve all public content, even when their Pro subscription runs out. When an account is memorialized, it will be reflected in their username and logins will be locked.

Photo by Groman123 via Flickr, used under Creative Commons.


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