Fujifilm X-H1: Has-Been or Awesome Deal?

Technology in the video world is moving at a blistering pace. With new features being released seemingly every month, once-hyped cameras are being tossed by the wayside faster than ever in favor of the next big thing. Although this trend of rapid obsolescence could be seen as a negative, it often results in just-shy of cutting edge technology rapidly coming down to a price point that is affordable for the masses. This could be the case with the Fujifilm X-H1!

Coming to you from Lee Zavitz, this retrospective is on Fuji’s flagship video model of 2018 that was released with much fanfare, but ultimately was eclipsed by a faster, more capable model: the X-T3. That’s not to say the X-H1 is a dog. Far from it! It’s still the only Fuji APS-C camera with in-body stabilization. Now, with Fuji’s latest firmware updates, the autofocus and stabilization have been improved to the point where this camera may deserve a second look.

However, the biggest bonus may be the price: $999 with the power grip and two batteries! Considering that the body was originally released with an $1,899 price tag plus an additional $329 for the power grip, this is an extremely good deal for a very capable camera. Fujifilm has always been pretty good about bringing firmware updates to their cameras, so the camera may get even better in time! Fujifilm stumbled pretty hard with the original release of this camera, but with a price that’s difficult to beat and features that finally work as intended, the X-H1 could finally be ready for prime time.

Do the new upgrades make the camera more attractive to you? For those of you that were early adopters of the X-H1, does the firmware make you happy, or are you annoyed that the price has dropped on a camera you paid a premium for? Sound off!

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