• Friday , 22 March 2019

Fujifilm X-T3 Crop Mode: Known Bug in Capture One

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If you are like me and have gotten the chance to either purchase or play with a Fujifilm X-T3 recently, you may be excited to try out the new crop mode for 30 frames per second or the new sport-finder feature. Unfortunately, if you are a Capture One user, there is currently a known bug when using these cropped modes. 

In Capture One 11.0.3, raw photos taken on the X-T3 with the electronic shutter and crop mode will end up totally purple with no other color information, making the image uncorrectable unless you make it monochromatic. This bug does not affect the JPEGs, so it can be hard to spot in-camera; be sure to shoot JPEG+raw just to be safe as well as turning off the touch screen shortcuts for sports-finder mode in the menu.

I contacted Phase One, and they are currently aware of this issue and will be pushing out a maintenance update to fix this bug at some point in the future, though there is no current timeline available for when it may be fixed. This definitely comes as a disappointment to some who were looking forward to the new features finding themselves fitting neatly into their workflow and then suddenly hitting a snag. Hopefully, Phase One comes out with the new update sooner rather than later so we can shoot all the photos we want without needing to resort to another raw converter just for the cropped photos. 

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