Gear Guide: Every Type of Camera Lens Explained

When it comes to camera gear, the lens is probably one of the most important piece of equipment you can buy. In many cases, upgrading your lens will probably make a far greater difference than upgrading anything else. This is why it’s important for photographers and videographers to understand all the different types of lenses that are available. 

In a recent video from StudioBinder, they explain every type of lens that is currently on the market, from fisheye lenses, to telephoto, to tilt-shift lenses. Different kinds of lenses can produce completely different looks of the same scene. For example, with a telephoto lens, you can quite easily completely blur out the background and produce flattering portraits. This isn’t necessarily as easy to achieve with a wide angle lens. 

Tilt-shift lenses are another type of lens with which I personally have a great deal of experience. These kinds of lenses allow you to shoot tall buildings from a relatively close distance without introducing any distortion into the image. For architectural photographers, this is obviously extremely useful and, in some cases, crucial. 

The point is that having a good understanding of all the different kinds of lenses can be invaluable. The video linked above does a great job of providing a good explanation for this. I also recommend you check out some of the other videos on the channel, because aside from the brilliant production value, the content is fantastic. 

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