Getting Started in Photoshop – Episode 1: Layers Overview

This is the first Episode of the video series where I’m teaching the basics of Photoshop for Photographers.

In my opinion, “Layers” is the bedrock of Photoshop. In this episode, I introduce and explain layers and talk about three of the more popular things you can do with layers in Photoshop.

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21 responses to “Getting Started in Photoshop – Episode 1: Layers Overview”

  1. Well Anthony. At long last you have me totally unstuck. I’ve Religiously followed & saved all your Lightroom tutorials and I’m at the point of now following your Photoshop training. Make ‘em easy for me Anthony. Remember I’m older than you & not as smart. I’m in for the long haul & I’m determined to not let you down & not to let myself down. Thanks Anthony. Neville J. The Old Aussie.

  2. You started out so well, then you lost me. Every video I watch about Layers the tutor goes too far, I'm trying to figure them out ( actually I've been trying for years ) and the tutorial either goes 2 steps instead of a baby step or, tells me a whole lot of info that isn't relevant to beginners and I get lost.
    I'm so frustrated ☹☹☹

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