Go Behind the Scenes With a Wedding Photographer and Off Camera Flash

Weddings are a nonstop whirlwind of technical and creative challenges, and the more knowledge and tricks you can have for both categories, the better. This awesome video follows a photographer behind the scenes at a wedding and focuses on his use of off camera flash to help you learn how to quickly and effectively turn dull and drab lighting into professional images no matter where you’re shooting.

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this great video follows him behind the scenes as he shoots a wedding and focuses on discussing how he uses off camera flash to augment his shots. One of the most challenging things for any wedding photographer is the fact that they get no choice when it comes to venues, and often, these venues are either dimly lit or have garish lighting that isn’t flattering at all. Add in the time pressure a wedding photographer faces, and you can see why it is so crucial that one knows the technical aspects of lighting inside and out and how to quickly and effectively overcome poor lighting in any situation or location. Check out the video above to see how Jackson does it efficiently and creatively. 

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