Horror & Dramatic photo manipulation – Photoshop manipulation tutorials

Horror & Dramatic photo manipulation – Photoshop manipulation tutorials


This time we will learn to make the design of the graphics for the horror movie poster. our theme is still the same as in the previous photoshop tutorial, we’re going to make a photo manipulation using photoshop. different techniques and themes are great. in the horror photo manipulation we are required to have all the graphics look strange and mysterious, so from that here we use the smudge painting techniques to realize the photo manipulation photoshop.

the first is the Crow and stone. Here we edit the main object of the graphics textures with very thorough. textur rocks and crows we made as soft as possible using the smudge tool in photoshop, before dilembutkan with the smudge tool, a lot of nois strewn on rocks, birds and effects of this very painting smudge help realize the epic and graphic designs independent of nois. In addition, here we do not want to make many changes to the graphic, so we create a smudge still in safe

next is the smoke. in editing the main objects under the smoke, we use the brush asap. We deliberately wear the brush so that the graphics are produced optimally, using brush smoke also makes it easy for us to set up of opacity and blur

in the background, we use the background jungle silhouettes. Obviously this will help in adding to the impression of horror on poster design. In addition to wearing photos of the forest of the silhouette, we are also a little bit of editing with a smudge in order to pohonya the world of contortion as in twisting the illusion

for finishing, we added a light background on the head of a Raven, and also in front, this in order to clarify and reaffirm the main character of the poster. then we also play a little brush on color grading, here we use the duo tone colour of blue and red in order to make a stronger impression of horror again

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