How Can Photography Help Your Mental Health?

These are tough times for a lot of us, but creative activities can be a wonderful outlet and way of reinvigorating ourselves. This honest video essay takes a look at mental health and how the act of photography can help us lead happier lives.

Coming to you from The School of Photography, this important video essay discusses mental health and its relation to photography. This is certainly something I have had my fair share of struggles with, and creative endeavors have always been some of the most helpful ways for me to lift my spirits, whether through music or photography. Going for a walk with my camera has always been great because it gets me up and moving (exercise is a big help as well), it engages my brain, and it is something I really enjoy. And I do not have to have a specific aim in mind or lug along all my heaviest gear; even just taking phone shots is an enjoyable activity, and the creative challenge imposed by using more limited equipment gets my brain moving. Check out the video above for a lot of great thoughts on the topic.

If you are struggling, this page contains a list of worldwide phone numbers you can call to talk to someone. 

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