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How Diffusion Panels Affect the Light in Your Strobe Photography

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Most lighting modifiers come with diffusion panels that soften and even out the light emitted. Some even come with two panels. These panels can have a strong effect on your light, and it’s well worth understanding exactly what to expect when you use them or leave them off. This helpful video gives you a comparison of all three situations.

Coming to you from Francisco Joel Hernandez, this video follows him as he takes a series of portraits with a 38″ ParaPop Softbox (similar to an octabox), taking one with both diffusion panels, just the inner, and then the bare modifier. Be sure to note how the hardness of the light changes with each modifier, how harder light increases the appearance of hot spots, and how softer light produces more gradual gradations. There’s no “correct” light; it’s simply a matter of taking control to achieve the look you desire. Another thing to note is that each panel reduces output by about a stop, so when you’re working outside in particular, you’ll need to be sure your strobe is capable of producing enough power to either balance or overpower the ambient light, or you’ll need to adjust your exposure settings to compensate. 

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