How Generative Fill in Photoshop will Change Everything You Know About Editing

To access Generative Fill, first download the Photoshop BETA app in the Creatve Cloud installer. Next, turn on “Synthetic Fill” in the preferences under “Early Access”. To turn on the contextual task bar, enable it in the “Window” menu under “Application Frame” and “Tools”.

Today, we’re exploring a groundbreaking new feature currently in the Photoshop Beta: Generative Fill. This tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence to modify and enhance your photos, providing functionality beyond traditional editing methods.

Generative Fill opens up numerous possibilities, from extending photo backgrounds to removing extraneous objects, or even introducing completely new elements via a text prompt. It’s a versatile tool with wide-ranging applications.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the various functionalities of Generative Fill, providing a detailed walkthrough and practical examples. We’ll highlight how this innovative feature can streamline your editing process and expand your creative horizons.

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38 responses to “How Generative Fill in Photoshop will Change Everything You Know About Editing”

  1. To access Generative Fill, first download the Photoshop BETA app in the Creatve Cloud installer. Next, turn on "Synthetic Fill" in the preferences under "Early Access". To turn on the contextual task bar, enable it in the "Window" menu under "Application Frame" and "Tools".

  2. I'm sorry, but AI is not that great. I have used AI on a few projects and it has never come out the way I truly wanted (actually worse). I recently used generative fill to remove and clean up a picture I had taken from a wedding, hoping it would make my process faster. I am far from impressed with the results. You are selecting less complicated subjects with backgrounds that even someone like myself could do without AI Generative fill in 10 to 15 minutes and get better results. So, Adobe needs to scrap AI. I see very few good things coming from this integration.

  3. Just trying for the first time, and I can't find a way to remove an object. When I select an object and click generate (like you were doing), it will always add a random object instead of simply removing it. And the results so far haven't been nearly as good as yours. It's adding in some pretty weird objects.
    Edit: when I type "remove" it worked, but not every time.

  4. Thanks Aaron, has professional photographer and teacher like you, I can feel and share all the deception deep inside you in front this «Game changer» for us. Now everybody, even my grand mother can look like some kind of a pro photographer with out having a single light notion or talent in this field 🙁

    … and I can imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg OMG!

  5. I'm an Aaron as well I've used photoshop probably about 22 years now, and I've seen so much progress in that time with Photoshop. You never stop learning.

    Some of these features are absolutely mind blowing, but I think from a professional standpoint they're going to be a massive game killer for professional designers who maybe self employed to potentially lose money…

    There was a time when I use to color and restore old photo's, but nowadays with the AI technology out there, people without any element of skill can have their photo restored and colored in a couple of clicks. To be fair unless you're targeting old people with no computer tech knowledge. A friend of mine who is also a designer has lost a lot of revenue already because of it with some of these AI apps and tools, that people without skill can create almost the results they want.

    Don't get me wrong these features are very cool, but what it will mean is that the future of new Photoshop users won't be as skilled at Photoshop editing as you or I in the future.

    I think these features could be a real killer for a lot of self employed designers or even small companies.

  6. Aaron, it does help that you get to talk to Adobe devs but at the same time you get to work only on the "right" images, specially for a YouTube video. All the images you used are at the same time very simple — one central subject, no AI-annoying statistical deviations to bother GANs — and, in the case of the coffee shop, there's a strong repetition of patterns and context so that the GAN gets it right. In real life that's not always the case and, comparing to the work done with Midjourney and the huge bag of tools in Automatic 1111 UI for SD 1.5 and SDXL … Photoshop results are some sort of hit or miss with zero control, a lot of bugs, and some sloppiness that is usual to each new "thing" by Adobe. What is annoying is that everyone in the YouTube space is smiling like a child while doing simple examples with this, while people who are trying to WORK with Photoshop can't get a proper match. I know it's bad mojo to get in a comments area saying "this doesn't work so well", but please try to create a simple background (studio pattern background, background to a portrait you took outside with specific light etc) WHEN your image has Real Life Light and, in fact, most of the situations you did take care VERY WELL in your compositing videos, as someone else mentioned below. As for Adobe having "the moral high ground" … that's a relly long topic, and you are now sounding like an Adobe Specialist. Shame, you used to be original and think on your own. (PS – I'm not advocating anything here, I'm just saying get real and show all the bugs. Some of them will get sorted out, some are intrinsic to the model they are using, in the same way they can't advance much with Neural Filters for other reasons. Tks if anyone read so far, and please, do your own tests – I'm here actually because I was looking for a way to blend a real life model into a background and it seems there's very little about this. But, yes, you can remove grass in a grass field, specially if you're not stopping to show the patterns and weird symmetries. :o(((

  7. I am blown away by the new stuff Photoshop has created, but the best part of this video is hearing Aaron's expression when he sees what is generated. "WHAT!". This makes me want to try it even more now. You have been my teacher from the beginning and I have a learning disability. You made everything fun and easy to learn. Thank you for always continuing to teach us new things. Thank you! ♥

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