How Photography Can Be a Positive Force in Your Life


There can be a lot of negativity in the photography community that can be discouraging or downright disheartening, and that is a shame, because every one of us first picked up a camera because it was something we enjoyed and something that invigorated our imagination. If you find yourself feeling a little let down by photography lately, check out this insightful video essay that discusses many of the positives of photography and how to go about finding them. 

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this fantastic video essay discusses how to craft a positive experience for yourself as a photographer. I think one of the most important bits of advice Ranft shares is to not compare yourself to others, but rather to measure your progress by how far you have come from your past work. The joy comes in both being in the present along the journey and in your own growth along the way. And on that topic, remember that growth is rarely linear. You will have days in which everything goes fantastically and you feel like you are growing by leaps and bounds and days in which you feel uninspired and nothing is going right. The important takeaway is to continue persevering. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ranft.


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