How to Avoid Lowball Offers as a Photographer

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, there are very few clients that won’t try to squeeze you on your price. Here’s how to spot the signs and the psychological strategy you can employ to make sure you get the amount you deserve each and every time.

The team over at The Futur are back once again with another thought-provoking video on the issue of getting low price offers from clients. This week, Chris Do shares real-life examples of clients anchoring the price and the importance of always being the first one to quote a figure. The idea of anchoring is a vital concept to understand for photographers, and the sooner you grasp how influential it is in setting the tone for any business interaction, the better.

What I like about this particular video is how Do talks about counteracting a lowball offer if you don’t manage to get your figure in first. While Do’s anecdote ends with a successful outcome, not all conversations will be so lucky and end positively. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s best to try not to work for low-paying clients anyway. As long as you’re sensibly anchoring your prices, you should not only be able to get what you deserve, but also be able to filter out any potential clients that aren’t worth the effort in the first place.   

Lead image by Vladislav Reshetnyak via Pexels, used under Creative Commons.

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