How to Carve Wooden Chiseled Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

To download the .psd file check out the link below,

Step #1:
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Wooden Chisel Text Effect using Adobe Photoshop like this. So let’s go,

Step #2:
Open the Adobe Photoshop. Here I have used the Adobe Photoshop CS6. You can use it or another like Adobe Photoshop CC.

Step #3:
Open the Background image with on of it you want to present the Effect.

Step #4:
Open an image like logo, in which you want to create wooden chisel effect and make sure that background is none for this image.

Step #5:
Copy this image by pressing ctrl+c and paste this image on your wooden texture.

Step #6:
Click “Magic Wind Tools” and click on the logo to select the logo border.

Step #7:
Click the background layer. and press ctrl+c to copy the logo shape and press ctrl+v to paste this logo shape. Here This logo shape by wooden texture will be created on a new layer.

Step #8:
Now double click on the new layer or right click on the layer thumbnail and select “Blending Option” for apply the effect on the text.

Step #9:
Select and Click “Bevel & Emboss”. Select the style “Inner Bevel”, Technique “Chisel Hard”, Depth “1000”, Direction “Down”, Size “8”, Soften “0”, Angle “120 degree”, Highlight Mode Opacity “60%”, Shadow Mode Opacity “75%”. This setting can be change depend on your text or style.

Step #10:
Select and check “Contour”.

Step #11:
Select and check “Inner Shadow”. Select Blend Mode “Color Burn” and color as black, Opacity “100%”, Angle “120 degree”, Distance “13”, Choke “0”, Size “10”.

Step #12:
Select and check “Inner Glow”. Opacity 100% and element size is 1. Others are remaining unchanged.

Step #13:
Select and Click “Color Overlay”. Select color as black, Opacity “20%”. Opacity you should set that is more realistic for your text effect. and Blend Mode “Color Burn”.

Step #14:
After done this, click ok. Congratulation, your Wooden Chisel Effect is ready. You can delete the main logo layer.

Step #15:
Open another logo image in which you want to apply the Wooden Chisel Effect.

Step #16:
Copy this logo image and paste this image on the wooden texture. you can resize it as you want.

Step #17:
select the “Magic wind tools” and select the pixel for the logo. and press ctrl+c to copy this selected area and ctrl+v to paste this. If you de-select the other layer then you can only see the new select logo layer.

Step #18:
click the previous worked logo where you applied the Wooden chisel effect. and go to Layer, Layer Style, Copy the layer style.

Step #19:
Now click on the new logo layer thumbnail. and go to Layer, Layer style, Paste the layer style.

Step #20:
Here you should deselect the previous logo Wooden Chisel Effect Layer. and same way you can create any other logo.

Step #21:
Now you can save this file as Photoshop format by the file, save.

Step #22
Now you can save this style as an image using File, “Save for web”. And select the image extension whatever you want.

Step #23:
Wooden Chisel Effect is really eye catching style. You can use this style in various purposes like business card and any other else.

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