How to Change the Color of Anything in Your Photos

So, you want to change the color of something specific in a photo and you don’t have Photoshop? Here’s how to do it in ACDSee’s Photo Studio

Photoshop is currently is still the king when it comes to photo manipulation, but whether it’s too complex or too expensive for you, you may be looking for another option. ACDSee just released their new “Photo Studio” software and asked me to teach a quick lesson on spot color manipulation. In most cases, you should be able to change the color of something in your photograph in under a minute. 

ACDsee’s Photo Studio software can be licensed for $6.90/month or purchased outright for $60. Don’t worry about buying it right now, though, as they have a 100% free trial. Download it, and see if you like it right now. 

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