How to Construct Your Own High-Quality V-Flats for Studio Photography

Who’s ready to go to Home Depot and undertake an easy weekend DIY project to improve your studio work? This helpful video will show you how to construct your own v-flats, a highly useful and versatile (and cheap) tool every studio photographer should have.

Coming to you from Felix Kunze, this helpful video will show you the step-by-step process for constructing your own v-flats. If you haven’t seen them before, v-flats are just black and white pieces of foamcore taped together so they bend to form a “V” shape (they’re aptly named for sure). They’re highly useful in studio work, as the black side can be used to flag light or add contrast to a subject, while the white side can be used as a bounce. They can also serve as backdrops quite effectively. They’re also light and highly maneuverable. The only reason they stay in the studio is because they blow over easily (when I was in a dance theater, they would often fall over if I simply ran by them too quickly). Nonetheless, if you have a dedicated studio space, having two or three of these around is tremendously helpful. Just a note: the 48″ x 96″ pieces of foamcore are a good size to use. Give it a try!

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