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How to Get a Photography Agent

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This is a question that I get asked all of the time. Getting a photography agent can really help you career, but getting one can be very tricky and there isn’t that much information out there to help.

Now before anyone bites my head off, its at 7:00 min in the video when the discussion on agents begins, before that is a bit of waffle and loads of other unrelated questions (still about photography) that I answer as part of a weekly Q and A. It’s more of a vlog than a how to video. Hopefully from 7:00 on you will find it pretty useful though. 

When I started out in photography, I did what most of us do and set up as a one man band. It wasn’t long before I got snowed under with admin, emails, and invoicing. So I hired a manager to help me work. She was great and really helped free up my time for shooting. But at this stage of my career I wasn’t working with anything but local ad agencies. As I started to get work further afield, I realized that I needed someone more in that world, and also someone who was in London. So I set about looking with absolutely zero success. Eventually, I managed to find my first agent, which was a massive relief. 

There are a lot of reasons why agents will and wont want to work with you as a photographer, but I must stress that you do not need a photographic agent to be a successful photographer. Nor does having an agent turn your career around. 

Yet, there are some things that having an agent will really help with. Instead of doing admin, I have time to write these articles as an additional income stream. Rather than chasing invoices and sending them out, I can have a YouTube channel. For me it is all about giving me the free time to do what I want and more importantly what I am good at. 

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