How to Get Started With Landscape Photography in 2020!!
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In this week’s episode, we discuss how to get started with landscape photography in 2020. This is one of those videos I wish I would have stumbled upon when I first started with landscape photography six years ago as I’m certain it would have saved me a substantial amount of time and a ton of money! I’ve wanted to make this video for quite awhile now, but wasn’t sure until recently how to deliver a well thought out and fluid message on this topic as this subject could easily drag on for hours. So please let me know at the end how you think I did.

In this video, I review a four part process that will help guide anyone who is looking to get started with landscape photography. If you were to ask me six years ago what I thought was the best way for beginners to get started with landscape photography I would have probably just given you a long and expensive list of camera gear to purchase. But, I’ve learned a lot over the past few years that has changed my outlook on the question “How do you get started with landscape photography”?

So, if you’re looking to get into landscape photography I hope this video will provide with you with some things to consider and a framework to help guide you along this super fun and exciting genre of photography!

Thanks for watching everyone! – Mark D.

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38 responses to “How to Get Started With Landscape Photography in 2020!!”

  1. Thank you for this video. I have been photographing for awhile, but I feel that I am always open for new ideas and thoughts to better my creativity. I used the Canon 6D with EF 16-35 f/4 L lens and I love it. This video helps me to look at the basics and what is that I need, along with having me think about checking my gear to see I have everything I need and all is in order. What I get stumped is the how. How can I get my photos looking professional enough to start my own YT channel and sell my work? How can I get proficient at PS/LR like yourself and other professionals?

  2. Hi Mark, Loving your videos. I only got into photography last year and still trying to find which genre i love the most, so trying it all at the moment. Just wondering what is the app you use for weather conditions and cloud coverage etc? I hadnt thought about checking high or low clouds to tell what colour sunsets you might get and so on. Thanks for the help. Looking forward to you next video. 🙂

  3. Hi Mark, being about 18months into seriously taking up Landscape photography a lot of what you said resonated a lot so for any really new to this I think it's a very good summary. Probably just say that, for me, YouTube is in the same category as a polariser and L bracket, sure you can take photos without any of them but once you 'have' them you never want to go back – well if you use a camera not a phone for photography. Just under 'Finishes' you didn't cover printing your photos and how to separately 'softproof' them for printing. I've no interest in the Instagram click bait scene. My aim is to start geting some of my photos printed and mounted. I'll have to use a good Lab to do it as can't justify the cost of a good printer and don't have the house space for one that could do the size I want. I haven't researched that yet but most YouTubers I follow like You, Mike Perea, Nick Page, Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, Adam Gibbs etc stop at the screen editing stage. Would be really useful sometime to have a whole episode on printing guidance and covering people like me that have to use a Lab. Many Thanks, stay safe and keep up the good work.

  4. I would LOVE to learn more about reading weather forecasts and such so I have a better idea if I will get a good sunset/sunrise with great colors or if I will have some good fog. Right now I have my camera setup just in case, and most of the time don’t get good weather so don’t get a photo. Maybe a future video idea? Great video, thanks for all of this!!

  5. Good video, as always! 👍🏻
    For me personally the best reason to do landscape photography is enjoying being out there with my dog and discover beautiful locations. The pictures are just a rewarding addon at the end, but most important is the experience outdoors.

  6. In my opinion this is the best photography channel on YouTube the advice you give is so good and you are very humble and relatable very honest I learned a lot from you and enjoyed your videos thank you.

  7. Hi Mark, I was wondering if on one of your
    landscape photography shoots if you could take the same photo with both your Rii and the Fuji xt3 and maybe go over them in a future video.

  8. This is my 5th year into serious photography but it took me 2/3 years to realise that it is all about the light. Photos can he cropped and improved in so many ways but, if the light is not correct, this is all a waste of time for a great image. Just discovered your vlogs and love your sincere and informative presentations. Thanks.

  9. Would you please consider a video on backing up your images? I have a Seagateexternal hd that I am using to store my images (synced with LR), then I bought a Sundisk portable SSD to back my first external drive, but I don’t want to back up the same images over and over. I hope all that is clear!
    Great videos and informative subject matter!

  10. Hello Mark…. To start into landscape photography people can also look for a bridge camera, like the Sony RX10 M IV or the Nikon Coolpix P1000. I have the Sony and it has the same settings as a DSLR camera. It can shoot in RAW and JPEG, aperture priority, manual settings etc etc. Using a camera with a lenz that goes from 34mm to 600mm gives me a lot of options in landscape photorgraphy. It does have a crop factor but shoots in 20mpixel and my photo's are pretty sharp. It can be worth to look at this option.

  11. I got my camera a couple weeks ago and my tripod last week. I've been just taking pictures not really caring about all the technicals. Had fun just finding something cool and taking a picture. I've practice a bit with adjusting settings on my camera. I wish I new more about lightroom but I'll get into that. I've got a lot of pictures bit still need to find one I really want to work on. Still a big inspiration and will always keep on watching.

  12. I’ve been taking photos for the last half of 2019 with borrowed cameras from university. Since I finished university I didn’t have access to the gear for months anymore…so I got my first camera this week and I feel like I somewhat understand light…but composition and creating depth I just struggle with so much. When I’m out hiking…how do I know that this is the spot where I put together the well thought out, most balanced shot?

  13. A lot of really good advice. The only thing I would add is that once you purchase your camera and lens whatever you choose, stop reading and watching camera reviews, they will drive you crazy. Just enjoy the equipment that you purchased and don't even think about buying new gear until "you" find that you've reached the limits of your current camera and lens. It will take a lot longer than you might think🤗

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