How to Make a $100 Microphone Sound Exactly Like a Far More Expensive One

As visual people, we photographers and videographers may neglect extensive post-production on basic audio recordings, but that would be a mistake. In this video, find out how to match the sound of a cheap microphone to one far more expensive.

The first time I had to do a voice-over for a video, I realized a number of things rather quickly. Firstly, the microphone appeared to matter a lot. Then, consequentially, that post-production of audio is as important as it is in visual fields. What helped me with improving my audio right from my first attempt is exactly what Unmesh Dinda does in this video: compare the audio to superior audio.

I spent time looking for YouTube channels with great voice audio and then I used that as a benchmark. I found that I needed to remove the “S” sound and that cheaper mics — of which mine was — were less receptive to bass, which can be added in. While I could never get the audio to exactly where I wanted on my first try, I now knew my limitations and how I could improve it.

In this video, Dinda shows how you can mirror the audio of an expensive mic if you can get access to one just once and record some speech on both. This will allow you to put them side-by-side, and using some techniques and plugins, bring them much closer together in the final result.

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