How to Make a Pillow in Blender

Learn how to model a pillow in Blender for Arch Viz and/or Product design in this short tutorial.

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23 responses to “How to Make a Pillow in Blender”

  1. Thanks to everyone who watched this! The video made it to the first page one YouTube when you search "how to make a pillow in blender" πŸ™‚
    After 3 days it's become more popular than any of my other videos, and has inspired me to make more videos in the future πŸ˜€ (maybe one on compositing?)
    Thanks again πŸ˜€

  2. The method you're using is realistic, better than modeling it by hand based on reference photos. However, your tutorial lacks clarity; you didn't explain how it works, you just showed us the settings and the end result. Amazing tutorial nevertheless but an explanation would be appreciated as many of us are willing to understand this technique to apply it to other things.

  3. hi, great method! πŸ™‚ , keep up! however if u want to upload it to a game engine or just even apply sub surf then watch out for big wrinkles cuz mesh trangulates and even edge split modifier is not gonna rescue it. i choosen even a bit smaller wrinkles than yours and it just tore apart when i added sub surf. so what i did i mirrored the less wrinkled, good side. it is always good to double check mesh in the rendered mode. i suppose one can fix it be applying bit less force or something but its just late and i will leave it to experiment for another day. looking forward to ur other posts! Many thanks and best! Mag

  4. power cg i have a request please help me.
    make tutorial video tutorial of blender to explain all force fields, and all physics simulation option please many default option so much painful in blender for new user please help i hope you will hear me.i am mechanical design engineer from india i love blender but lots of time to lean still dont know its simulation how to learn no institute.

  5. Thank you for this so helpful and clear tutorial; I wanted to make some customised cushions for the Sims 4 and that was great help!
    I just wanted to ask you if that force field tip could be used to create other kind of objects.

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