• Saturday , 30 May 2020

How to Make an Awesome Splash Photo Using Only One Speedlight

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While many of us don’t own dedicated studio strobes, most of us do own at least one speedlight. And while they may not be as powerful as their bigger cousins, they offer more capabilities than we might give them credit for. This fun video demonstrates how you can create a high-quality splash shot using only a single speedlight and a little DIY ingenuity.

Coming to you from Karl Taylor, this video shows you how to create a splash shot with just a normal speedlight. Splash shots are ridiculously fun to take, and they can inject a bit of life into a standard product image. While Taylor is using the Miops Trigger in sound mode, you can probably get away without using one after a few practice attempts to train yourself on the timing of the shutter. It might take you a few more tries to get the shot you want, but the velocity of the ice cube when it hits the glass isn’t so fast that you won’t be able to eyeball it. Just remember to set your flash to a lower power and adjust the exposure to compensate. This is because the flash duration is shorter at lower powers, and you’ll need that to properly freeze the motion.

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