How to Make Money From Quick and Easy Photoshoots

Photographer Taylor Jackson shifted his work slightly in the last nine months, and this video gives you a really useful insight into how he has created regular jobs through short photoshoots for local businesses.

As Jackson will probably tell you, there’s a fair amount of leg work that goes into making these shoots happen in the first place: making contact, putting together proposals, sending over portfolios, and visiting in person to discuss ideas. While it’s easy to assume that being a photographer is mostly knowing about lighting and composition, equally important — if not more so — are all of the soft skills that go into making these opportunities happen in the first place.

That said, there’s lots here to take in in terms of detail, such as the speed advantage that a pair of zooms offer you over a bag full of primes. Sure, you might not be getting all of the glorious bokeh that you’d achieve with wider apertures, but as Jackson is keen to point out, a shoot like this isn’t about crafting high-end content. Instead, it’s about forgoing some of the attention to detail in order to make sure that the client ends up with a decent batch of options that you’ve delivered in an impressive amount of time.

Have you tried this approach? What details of your work make it effective for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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