How to Model A In-Game 3D Generator In Maya | 3D Modeling | #AbhiSculpts #MAYA

Hello, Buds,
I made this channel to keep my 3d practice in check. I invite other students struggling as 3d artists to learn with me.
This Channel Is All About 3D Modeling, creating high poly as well as low poly models, making tutorials, Timelapse videos, and some more amazing work u will find here…

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Upload Schedule:
– Tuesday
– Thusday

Completed Work:
Sniper Scope 3D Modelling || Turntable Animation ||
Sniper Scope 3D Modelling Timelapse

Current Tutorial:
– Scope 3D Modeling {pt1- pt9}

Upcoming Tutorials:
– SNIPER 3D Modeling

So stay tuned for more upcoming amazing work done by me,
and I hope u guys will enjoy it a lot…

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And Thanks For Joining Me…


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