How to Photograph Small Rooms on a Yacht


In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how I photographed the bedrooms on a $12 million yacht. Although the rooms are large for a boat, they are very small compared to your average bedroom. 

Although most architectural photographers will tell you that 12mm is too wide, when you’re shooting small rooms, the wider the better. I shot on the Sony a7 IV and Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 at 12mm. Remember, wide angle lenses do not cause perspective distortion; the position of your camera does. As long as your camera is as far back as it can be, shooting with a wider lens will not create more distortion; it will simply reveal more of the room. You can always crop in to get an identical-looking shot (minus a bit of resolution) when taken with a longer lens. 

To get the best possible image of a room, you’re going to want to composite images together. Remember, the camera can’t move between shots, so I decided to control my camera with my phone rather than potentially moving it while changing settings. I bracketed shots with the window closed and the lights in the room on and again with the window open and lights off. 

To capture the view outside, I stopped down to f/22 to get a correct exposure of the view, and I then bounced a strobe in the room to balance the light inside and outside. Finally, I took a shot while I was standing in the bathroom, firing directly onto the bed to mimic a beam of sunlight. 

Compositing all of these images together can’t really be explained in text, so watch the video above to see the entire process.

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