How to Take Photographs Like Joel Meyerowitz

Street photography has been a staple genre of our craft since the camera’s inception, and some of the most iconic images — and photographers — in history, were made on the street. Here’s how you can emulate one of the greats.

I’ve discussed street photography on a number of occasions. I’ve always had an obsession with cities and with history, and as street photography through the decades captured both, I found it endearing from early on. Few disciplines within our industry — which is built on foundations of light — master light more comprehensively than the street photographers. One of the street photographers who encapsulated this perfectly in my eyes, is Fan Ho of Hong Kong; truly an artisan of capturing light. What he had alongside that talent, was his own style.

Creating a style which is both pleasing and singular enough for you to be identifiable by it, is no small feat. However, so many of the greats of our medium have managed just that, and Joel Meyerowitz is no exception. One of the early adopters of color film, Meyerowtiz’s work had a distinct look. In this video by photographer, Frederik Trovatten, you’ll learn some of the parts necessary to emulate that style in your own work. Torvattene even shoots his street portraits on a Rolleiflex!

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