I HACKED Generative Fill for Unlimited Resolution! – Photoshop


Make Photoshop’s “Generative Fill” generate high-resolution images with just one click! Easily overcome its low 1024px limit and generate resolutions as high as you want (even 150+ megapixels if you like!). In this video, I’ll share with you a free Photoshop add-on to easily make it possible and customize every aspect of resolution and size. I hope this tool helps you. Thank you so much for watching πŸ™‚

00:00 The Magic Button
01:31 The Concept
03:29 How to Get it Free?
03:57 The Process
06:04 Fixing Lines and Artifacts
07:46 Downsides
08:40 Stop or Cancel the Generation Midway
09:21 Direction Buttons
10:04 PiXimperfect Compositing

1. Download the Plugin here: https://pix.live/compositing
2. Instructions for Installing and Downloading: https://pix.live/compositinginstall
3. Like the plugin? Please leave us a review: https://pix.live/reviewcompositing

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27 responses to “I HACKED Generative Fill for Unlimited Resolution! – Photoshop”

  1. Attention: This is 100% FREE! πŸŽ‰ For those concerned about Adobe's generative credit usage, please note that credits won't be applicable until November 1, 2023. After that, even if your credits are over, generative fill will remain unlimited, but it may process images slower. How much slower? Only time will tell.

  2. Hi Umesh, thank you for your lessons, I have an issue with the crop fill tool, it doesn't have a transparent option to select, therefore your plugin can't help. Please help me to fix this issue. Again thank you very much for every single lesson you shared, I learned a lot from you.

  3. I love the auto resolution while photoshop generative fill is still unlimited. but cannot image when they gonna make us pay for credits, it will kill this app. adobe needs to get rid of that credit system it's unfair to us poor people that are already paying too much for adobe CC all apps…

  4. This is going to sound crazy, I get it, but I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to download the Compositing tool you docked in the video. I know I must be doing something wrong for me to not be able to find it within 30 seconds, let alone be 15 minutes into the search and STILL not be able to find it. Please help.

  5. There is one thing I don't understand. The native resolution of Generative Fill is at 1024 x 1024 px. So that is the max. quality. Why do you say that the '500px-button' will provide better quality than the '1000px-button' ? Both resolutions don't go beyond the native Adobe resolution of 1024 px and therefore will deliver the exact same (=max.) quality currently available. Right?

  6. An option I'd like to see is to generate the entire area first, chose which of the 3 you like, THEN generate over that for more detail. That way you're more likely to get the result you want with less credit usage!

  7. You are the only channel I watch for Photoshop content. Your content is delivered so well, and easy to follow. I am excited at all the new things that Adobe is coming out with, and you break down these new features amazingly. Thank you for teaching us!

  8. Hey Umesh. I tried your tool yesterday and realized that it doesn’t work for generating inside an image. Is this going to be added as well?

    Ps: love how big this channel got and how professional looking your videos now are. Your photoshop skill has always been admirable

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