Import BSP file into Blender (CSGO or Garry's Mod level to Blender3D)

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Crafty by nem

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29 responses to “Import BSP file into Blender (CSGO or Garry's Mod level to Blender3D)”

  1. It doesn't export the textures! Someone help! Please!
    Edit: ok, so I tried a different map, and this time it DID export the materials, but It didn't export Material_0! and that's the most important texture in this map! Someone PLEASE Help!!!

  2. For anyone who has issues with textures and models not appearing try this method. This worked for me: Check in the Help section the console prior to opening the map and look at where Crafty is trying to get the assets from. Go into that folder and do the following. Download GCFScape and export the content from .pak files into the folder. You only need (gamename)_texture_dir.pak (gamename)_misc_dir.pak It can vary though depending on the game. Then restart Crafty and your textures should be there.

  3. The textures are available if you change the display mode from "solid" to "textures" (next to the mode setting with the orange cube in "Object mode". Everything will be black, but you'll have to add a light source in order to see the textures.

  4. I've used this program many times. But the one map I can't seem to get to work is the one I want the most. I keep getting an error or it crashes. I can extract it without the models. But the problem is, it's 90% models. Can you help me?

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