Intro to Programming in Javascript: A Game Example

This quick intro to Javascript requires no Javascript programming experience, but some HTML experience will be helpful (go to for a good interactive primer). You’ll build a simple, but fun, Guessing Game – guess a number between 1 and 100 to win!

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  1. I Already knew most of this but id like to say this is a great tutorial for beginners, I May start making more tutorials myself i just recently cleared out my videos because i didnt like the quality.. I Think i may start with something simple like this as well

  2. Great video. A question – how did you create a new var (theNumber) if it wasnt declared before ?
    I mean how did the program knew that when you click guess it should work if you didnt make any connection to it?

  3. This was inspiring and informative; I noticed that you stated that you wanted us to upload our script if we got it to work, but I am not sure where you want us to upload it. I would be happy to observe the next part of this lesson where you stated that you would be counting the amount of times it takes to win. Look forward to seeing the follow up. Great!

  4. Thank you for your super helpful and very easy to understand tutorial. I have took several classes on various programming languages. I am currently in my second to last semester at Lanier Technical College. I truly appreciate you taking the time to help us students.

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