• Wednesday , 6 December 2017

IOC + Javascript

Code Canyon

Recorded at SpringOne 2GX 2012 in Washington, DC
Speakers: Brian Cavalier and John Hann
Thicker web clients and server-side JavaScript create complexity that must be managed through architectural patterns. JavaScript hasn’t yet embraced lessons learned from other platforms, like Java+Spring. Existing JavaScript MVC frameworks are too rigid and lack sufficient architectural plumbing. Javascript needs flexible architectural infrastructure for building bigger, better apps.

In this talk, Brian and John will introduce several concepts, including JavaScript Modules and Inversion of Control, and demonstrate how they alleviate many of the dominant problems encountered when building large JavaScript apps. Attendees will gain a firmer understanding of new architectural patterns and witness tangible examples of how these patterns improve testability, refactorability, composability, division of work, and team scalability.

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