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Is Fuji About to Cancel the X-H2 and Ditch the Entire X-H Line of Cameras?

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Rumors are circulating that Fujifilm will not be releasing the X-H2, choosing instead to cancel the entire line of X-H cameras. Is this because the X-T3 is simply too good?

Fujiaddict reported a few days ago that a source at Fujifilm had been in touch to say that the X-H2 will never reach the shelves because it “isn’t a unique enough product to sell well,” and that Fuji regards it as a mistake. Much of this might be down to the overwhelming success of the Fuji X-T3 which has proven so popular since it was announced in September last year.

With its larger body, the X-H1 featured five-axis in-body stabilization, one of the few aspects felt to be lacking in the smaller X-T3. Announced in February last year, the X-H1 contained the older X-Trans III processor, technology that was surpassed by the X-T3’s brand new X-Trans IV processor just seven months later.

As well as the backside-illuminated sensor, the X-T3 offered vastly improved autofocus (particularly eye autofocus), better burst performance, and significantly superior video specifications. 

So where does this leave Fuji in terms of a flagship APS-C camera? The X-H1 was a slightly larger body to better accommodate larger lenses and make room for IBIS. Does this mean that we might see dramatic changes when the X-T4 is announced? If Fuji plans to shift IBIS over to the X-T line, the X-H line does seem to be somewhat redundant, although the size of the X-T body will almost certainly need to be increased. This would allow for a larger battery, at least — one of the few criticisms to be leveled at the X-T3.

It may be completely unrelated, but B&H Photo only has one X-H1 option available at the moment. You can buy it with the 90mm lens and battery grip, but all of the other buying options — including body only — are currently listed as discontinued. It’s not unusual for some bundles to be discontinued, but the body only option disappearing is slightly odd.

What do you think? Would Fuji be right to ditch the X-H line? Should Fuji make the X-T4 bigger and incorporate IBIS? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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