Is It Better to Upgrade Your Camera or Your Lens?


You’ve got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket and you’re ready to upgrade your gear, but is it better to spend that cash on a new camera body or a new lens? This helpful video will help you decide.

Coming to you from YCImaging, this great video talks about whether it’s better to upgrade your camera body or to grab a new lens, mostly leaning toward spending that money on better glass. In general, I agree. A new lens can drastically change the look of your work depending on what you’re shooting with now and what you’re considering upgrading to. On the other hand, a new camera body can certainly provide better features or capabilities than what you have at the moment, but unless your current body is more than a couple generations behind, it’s not likely to provide the same sort of drastic shift a new lens can, unless you’re constantly working at your camera’s extremes. And in addition to the big upgrade in image quality you can achieve with a new lens, depending on what you buy, you can open all sorts of new creative avenues. Definitely think carefully before you decide to upgrade your gear. 


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