Is the Fujifilm X100V the Best Travel Camera Available?

The Fujifilm X100 series is now in its fifth iteration with the X100V, and the popular camera is better than ever. Is it the best travel camera out there? This great video review takes a look at the camera and how it performs on a trip. 

Coming to you from Benj Haisch, this awesome video review discusses the Fujifilm X100V and its use for travel photography. I was a big fan of the X100V when I reviewed it. I am normally not a fan of fixed lens cameras, as I generally like to bounce around focal lengths a lot, but the X100 series has always had a special place in my heart. Its design really encourages you to return to a purer form of photography and keeps you in the creative process rather than fiddling with finding the functions or settings you want. Plus, it is simply a fun camera to use, and after five iterations, Fujifilm has taken it from a quirky and unique camera to one that houses powerful modern features beneath that same beloved exterior. It certainly seems to be quite the ideal travel camera. Check out the video above for Haisch’s full thoughts on the camera.

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