Is the Olympus OM-D E-M1X Doomed to Fail or Crazy Enough to Work?

The Olympus OM-D E-M1X is a relatively large flagship camera retailing for just under $3,000. Most flagship cameras tend to be priced at around this mark, however this is rather unusual for a Micro Four Thirds camera. Using the same sensor as the previous model, surely this must be a laughable attempt from Olympus, or is it?

With companies like Panasonic charging into the realms of full frame it would seem a little odd for Olympus to develop a camera like the E-M1X. Micro Four Thirds cameras tend not to be looked at as high-end flagship cameras due to the smaller sensor size. I too remain skeptical about how well this camera will perform in the market especially due to its higher price point. Even still, a recent video from Tony Northrup demonstrates how the E-M1X might just have a few tricks up its sleeves to combat full-frame cameras like the Sony a7R III. I must say that I am impressed with some of the features like the high-resolution mode and the ability to shoot with really low shutter speeds. The 7.5 stops of in-built stabilization is quite a beneficial feature to have. Also, the autofocus seems to be on par if not better than the Sony in certain scenarios. Personally, I believe if you couple this camera with a high-quality, fast aperture lens, the trade-offs aren’t significant. The smaller sensor can also be especially valuable for shooting styles that benefit from needing extra reach when it comes to the focal length. Also, similar to how smartphones have been incorporating computational photography features, Olympus seems to be taking full advantage of this in order to overcome some issues relating to having a smaller sensor. 

Check out the full video to see how the Olympus performs, it may surprise you.

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