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Javascript ES6 tutorial for beginners in bangla (part 15) | ES6 Symbol

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Javascript ES6 tutorial for beginners in bangla (part 15) | ES6 Symbol.In this series the following topics will be discussed

1.Introduction to ES6
No theory(I hate theory)
How to be benefited from the series
What will be covered in this series
What can be possible after completion the course
2.concept of let and const
Idea of let and const
Scoping Issue with let and const
Should I use let and const instead of var(school of thoughts)
3.Template string in javascript
use of template string
practical use template string
Template tagging(modified the template strings before rendering)

4. Array methods
-Foreach Helper
-map helper
-find helper
-some and every helper
-filter helper
-reduce helper

5. Function in ES6
-statement vs Expression
-Default arguments
-several function to write array function
-Where not to use array function

6.Destructuring in ES6
-Array Destructuring
-Object Destructuring
-Practical implementation

7.Enhance Object literal
-properties in object
-Method in Object

8. Spread and rest operator in ES6
-Difference between rest and spread operator
-practical use of rest and spread operator

9. For of loop in ES6
-Limitation of other loop option and overcome those issue
-Looping of Object

10.classes(Syntactic sugar in ES6)
-Use of ES6 classes
-methods in Es6 classes
-Inheritance ES6 classes
-static properties

11.Tooling in ES6
-using webpack(go to webpack series module part)
-using System Js and babel
-Using ESLInt

12.Module Introduction
-using module
-default and named export
-separate your code for maintenance, performance and debugging

-Using symbols(Idea is so simple)

14.Generator function
-Pausing and resume function
-Using with ajax(practical Implementation)

15.Fetch and Promise(Introduction)
-More on Asynchronous programming playlist
– sample practical application

16. Proxies and conclusion

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