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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners #14 – Nesting If else Condition Analysis |
  • Friday , 26 February 2021

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners #14 – Nesting If else Condition Analysis

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Nesting If-else condition in JavaScript – html css and javascript tutorial for beginners. Stay updated at:


Here the nesting of if-else condition in JavaScript is analyzed in depth. In this respect we would like to mention that nesting an if-else statement in JavaScript is not a suitable purpose in every senses – you cannot use return statement here, you cannot use break statement, hence closing the execution of certain block of statements could cause you a problem. It will be a wiser approach to use small blocks of separate statements of if-else condition without nesting it one into another.

Here we have created two if-else statements one infused into another. We have created a nested if-else condition and analyzed the steps sequentially.This is a must watch video
for beginners to observe carefully each steps. Enjoy Learning!!

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