JavaScript Tutorial Part 1 – Lexical Environment

JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners

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Learn about Lexical Environment in this JavaScript tutorial. A pretty good starting point into the language. JavaScript lexical scope, JavaScript lexical scope example, JavaScript lexical scope definition.

Other potentially relevant keywords:
let, var, scope, hoist, hoisting, execution context, call stack.

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10 responses to “JavaScript Tutorial Part 1 – Lexical Environment”

  1. You did a great work. Thank you !
    The different behavior of "let" in lexical context
    is an incredible breakthrough that all Javascript-Coders
    were looking forward to since the beginning of times…. and still cannot use it
    because of the widespread use of IE on enterprises !

    Keep up the good job!

  2. This is an awesomely original tutorial, I just got done doing a deep dive on JS lexical and executional environments, including the "this" keyword, this definitely helped me feel confident with that new knowledge. I am interested in what other less discussed/popular topics you are going to make into tutorials. Do you get this knowledge through pure application and experience or do you have a preferred source to teach yourself these topics?

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