• Tuesday , 7 July 2020

Learn Vanilla Javascript: Memory Game Tutorial – Board CSS [3/11]

Code Canyon

Project developed in vanilla javascript. Learn the fundamentals of pure javascript by building simple and quick projects. No frameworks or libraries, definitely no jquery.

This video will cover how to:

* size the cards with CSS calc function
* position the cards in the board with flexbox
* add a click effect with the CSS :active pseudo class

✏️Written Tutorial: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/vanilla-javascript-tutorial-build-a-memory-game-in-30-minutes-e542c4447eae
🕹Demo: https://marina-ferreira.github.io/projects/js/memory-game/
📂Repo: https://github.com/code-sketch/memory-game


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💜Medium: https://medium.com/@marina.ferreira.developer


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