Lens Hoods – Why, When, and How to Use Them

https://www.steeletraining.com – Learn all about lens hoods (also called lens shades) plus a tip for transporting them without wasting space in your camera bag.

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  1. I'm not sure the hood is exactly what leads people to notice you when pointing a white Canon L lens in their direction. I mean, I'm sure it adds to it, but I think the color itself, with or without the hood, is what they notice.

  2. Although canon products are very good they gouge you on prices. Years ago when vivitar was in business we needed some excellent quality lenses which likely be sacrificed. Our technicians found that their $35 lenses were way superior to more expensive "Brand names" resolution comparisons proved the inexpensive vivitar's inexpensive lenses in some cases were up to 25% better

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