Light Painting | How To | Long Exposure Photography | Full Tutorial In English

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Light painting and light painting photography have often been a subject of mystery. This photography video is an effort to decipher this type of photography and show you that it’s not all that difficult. It is a kind of long exposure photography with a touch of creativity. In this photography tutorial we break down all the necessary elements and gives you step by step instructions on how to create a light painting.
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Reejal Sunke: @reejalsunke
Miheeka: @miheex
Siddhesh Acharekar: @siddheshacharekar07

But the first step to nailing a light painting by yourself is learning long exposure photography, which is why we would like for you to watch this tutorial on long exposure photography first.

Watch it here:

You could also watch a tutorial on exposure to nail the combination of shutter-speed, aperture and ISO here:

Lighting painting is a fun genre, that encompasses portrait photography, landscape photography and sometimes, wide angle photography as well. Once you get the hang of it, you can attempt creative photography genres like astrophotography, milky way photography (we all love to see photographs of the northern lights don’t we?) and star trail photography.

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This video wouldn’t be possible without the help of Lotus Beam Studios founder, and our dear friend, Ashish Kamble. Ashish Kamble is a fine art photographer and accomplished photography teacher, we request you to head to his instagram account to see some amazing works of art that feature light paintings, astrophotography and milky way photography: @lotusbeam_studio

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We did an exclusive astrophotography tutorial in our live sessions some time ago featuring Ashish, and since we are on the subject of painting with light, it will be helpful if you watch that video too:

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